The ministers black veil and the black cat

In the story of the “Minister’s Black Veil,” the minister, Mr. Hooper, wears a black veil that symbolizes the sins people hide from God, but also form one another. When we read this piece, the message was to tell others about your fears, experiences and failures, while getting ready for this post, I read another one “Tales from the diner” ( where a waitress shares her story about how she was mistreated and her superiors didn’t do anything about it. This relates directly to the message in the Minister’s Black Veil. She shared her failures, and then she helped others who had the same problem. In “The Black Cat” ‘ it talks about how alcoholism wrecked a man’s life. He was a great guy, nice, sweet. Think he starts to drink excessively and loses everything. If everyone who was at risk read this, I think that they would see what they are risking and would make the right choice.




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